Friday, May 22, 2009

Long journey to...

What a long journey i had to get through...
What a long time i had to take through...
Just to find out, when it stop, it was just a pitstop.
I thought, my journey of life have ended. At least for one part of it. Suddenly i've been told, the part that i stop is just a fake, S.O.B lie. WTF? I have done a lot of thing at that stop. A long and harsh time i done here. But I wasn't actually at the full stop. D*m*it i say.
5 years over nothing???
"Oh ho. That was just my pity over you. Now you can go away. Syuh...syuh..."
Haiya... Like that also can ha?

Now the journey are rolling back. But i don't know if it on the right track or not. I do hope so I was on the right track now....... Do you thing so?